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We Identify, Manage and Mitigate Business Risk
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Corporate Security
An analytical process that determines the controls required to protect physical, intellectual and human assets.
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Business Continuity
The process of returning essential service to an acceptable level of operation after a disaster.
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ERM / Risk Management
Enterprise Risk incorporates a more holistic approach and integrates strategic and enterprise-wide functions for the management of key business risks.
Value of Managing Risks and Exposures,
Risks are part of every business and risk management, corporate security initiatives and business continuity/disaster recovery efforts are realistic approaches to identify, remove or mitigate them by taking a more comprehensive and pro-active view of operational risk in an organization. These processes can not only support the taking of strategic risks but can also help avoid risks that are too high in relation to the potential benefit. They are also tools for the aligning an organization's strategy, operating and business plans, processes, policies and people in order to manage risk.

Whether risk management, corporate security initiatives or business continuity/disaster recovery efforts, managing risks on an enterprise-wide basis has the benefit of being able to make an entire organization risk aware. It is a process that moves risk management from being random and reactive to something that sits at the heart of strategy and goals. Well designed, supported from the top and diligently implemented it is a coherent framework that continuously identifies, assesses and manages risks. This brings confidence and better informed decisions at Board, Management and Employee levels.

Global insured losses from disasters reach USD 37 billion in 2015; Tianjin explosions cause biggest insured loss, Swiss Re sigma study says

  • Global insured losses from natural and man-made disasters were 37 billion in 2015, below the 62 billion average of the last 10 years
  • This only covered about 40% of total global economic losses
  • Explosions at Tianjin port in China were the biggest insured-loss event of the year and biggest man-made loss event ever in Asia
  • A special chapter on the Tianjin event highlights the knowledge gap on accumulation risks in large transportation hubs
  • There were 198 natural disasters in 2015, the highest on sigma records
  • Over 26 000 people died in disaster events in 2015

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When business owners or executives think about recent disasters throughout the world, one reaction is, what would we do if this happen to our company? How would we serve our customers? This could bankrupt the company!" and so on. These are serious questions, but while management panics about such improbable occurrences, companies could bleed millions of dollars per day from other risks like fraud and "dirty data". Organizations need to address the disasters, but they need to do so as part of a comprehensive understanding of all the company's significant business risks.

"We Identify, Manage and Mitigate Business RISK"

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